If you are already familiar with Dr. Locs natural products, you may have noticed Nettle Root as one of the listed ingredients in the Imani locking spray, a natural alcohol-free hold for your locs.

A little bit about Nettle Root

Nettle root (Urtica dioica) has been utilized for centuries by a wide variety of countries and cultures. It was most commonly used as a mineral rich tea. Nettle root, when found in ‘tea form,’ is a natural diuretic which heals and soothes any problems on the urinary tract.

Native American cultures used nettle to cure and soothe many illnesses, they used it during pregnancy, and for childbirth. The root contains a whole bunch of anti-inflammatory compounds and the leaves are loaded with tons of great vitamins and minerals.

It has also been eaten, used topically to heal and nourish the skin and its fibers were also used to be woven into cloth.

Its fibers were praised as being as durable and strong as flax or hemp fibers. It was used to make stockings, tarps, and army clothing and was even used as one of the fibers to wrap mummies in ancient Egypt, pretty freaky.

Historically, nettle was used by some talisman to ward off evil. It was sprinkled around houses which were said to be cursed. It was also carried in a sachet to remove a curse, so let's just say this is a sort of ‘good-luck’ charm ingredient.  

Today, nettle is known for its ability to stimulate hair growth. How so?

Well, the seed contains formic acid, when used topically on the scalp it can stimulate hair growth. It has also been used to fight against hair loss, which may be a bigger problem for some more than others, but hey, we all like to keep our strands.

Nettle leaves are also known to make your locs healthier and can certainly add some sheen. Sometimes, usually during Spring or Autumn (that's a non-scientific assumption) we crave change. Some of us choose a new hair color that was a little too daring, maybe not the right shade or tone like the box swore and promised? Well, while nettle works at restoring any lost hair, it also helps in restoring your original hair color. What a natural relief.

Some other benefits? Of course.

Nettle can also be used as a natural treatment to cure eczema, acne, and dandruff. Different parts of the plant can reduce bleeding, can treat severe allergic reactions, treat Hay Fever, can treat arthritis, promote lactation, decrease menstrual flow, among many other benefits.

Now you get why we’re utilizing its nourishing and natural goodness?