Myths and Misconceptions on Maintaining Locs

Myths and Misconceptions on Maintaining Locs

There are many misconceptions floating around out there about the proper ways to maintain and look after locs. This false information can lead to problems in the future, or can discourage many men or women from joining the loc community. Let’s get educated and bust some of those faulty lines.

Myth: Locked hair grows slower than loose hair

We suppose this myth was born when someone locked their hair and realized their hair lost some length. The hair didn’t actually lose length it only appeared to lose length. That rule can also be applied to the hair as it grows. It may take longer to notice your locs growing longer since the hair is twisted and locked, but if you would unravel your locs you will certainly notice all the new growth which you weren’t even aware of (except for when you needed a retwist of course).

Myth: Locs thin as they grow

While we’re talking about less hair growth it only made sense to approach the myth about the hair down the hair shaft. Locs will not thin as they grow if they are well taken care of. If you alternate between palm rolling and retwisting, or twist in inconsistent directions, then you will most likely cause breakage, which will then lead to thinner looking locs. If you can’t keep the new hair healthy then the entire loc will notice.

Myth: Locs can only start from short hair

Many people prefer to start from short hair because they want to start the process with a fresh new start. People who have chemically straightened their hair, or have over-exposed their hair to dyes, which weaken the hair, may choose to start their locs with totally new growth, however it is not necessary to cut off all your hair to have beautiful and healthy locs.

Myth: You have to go a long time without washing your hair

In the beginning, washing your locs may seem a tad bit intimidating.  Most people believe the longer you go without washing your locs the faster locs with loc.  Unfortunately, going longer periods of time without washing locs can lead to dirt buildup which can be difficult to remove.  It’s important to form healthy habits in the beginning phases of locking which will set up for greatness on your loc journey.  Washing locs every 4-6 weeks is recommended. 6 weeks being the absolute max. Also, during the beginning stages of locs, it is important to wash and scrub closer to the scalp without separating/combing through the coiled sections of the actual loc as you would when washing loose hair.   However, gently cleansing the coils is perfectly fine.

Myth: You have to shave your head if you decide you don’t want your locs anymore

You absolutely don’t need to shave off your hair, or cut off your locs if you decide the look isn’t working for you. You can choose to trim your locs and then begin to unravel them, just to save yourself some time, because unraveling locs will take time, whether you choose a professional or personal route.

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