Keeping your locs homogeneous and harmonious is usually one of the many goals for natural hair ladies and gents. Going natural is one thing (one dignified and gratifying thing), but maintaining and grooming is a whole other package.



For those of you fresh into the locing process, grooming is the practice of twisting or interlocking new growth, because yes, your hair will continue to grow. The palm-rolling and interlocking techniques are the most well known and used methods for grooming locs.  


Palm Rolling

Many people opt to use a gel or cream when twisting new growth or locs. With that said, we want to stress how important it is to stay as far away from any kind of waxing agent, such as beeswax and petroleum jelly, which will load up your locs with buildup and plenty of other damaging guests. Beeswax will keep your locs twisted but will also attract dirt and debris which will stubbornly stick to your locs.


Often the buildup that has nested in your loc from beeswax type products is unsalvageable and leads to loosing a loc, that one you most probably don't want to give up. We recommend using Dr. Locs’ Imani Locking Spray on the new growth area. If you pair Dr. Locks’ locking spray with the Jinan Leave in Conditioner, well, don’t be surprised if it comes highly recommended by us.


When you twist, make sure to twist your hair when it is wet, as twisting dry hair will cause the roots to snap and break. New growth offers stronger and healthier locs, unless of course you wind up twisting too tightly and snap the roots of those eager young strands. We want to encourage you to handle your hair with care!  



Alternatively, interlocking involves using a small tool to crochet a section of the hair into a round twist of the hair. It is also important to make sure you always interlock in a consistent direction, which is most typically counter clockwise.


If you’re unsure whether to go with a twisting technique or interlocking then we would recommend interlocking, as palm rolling can often lead to slight breakage which can create frizz or weaker strands.


With that said, one should also take into consideration their hair texture and tendencies, and discern for themselves which method works best for both their hair type and their schedule. Sticking to the same technique is also the best route to take if your goal is to maintain uniform locs.  


Don't be surprised if Dr Locs Imani Locking Spray is also a great agent to use while newly grooming and interlocking healthy hair growth. We want to help you keep it natural and keep it healthy and keep it looking awesome.


The Dryer

After you’ve finished twisting the new growth into each of its appropriate loc, we recommend using a metal clip to ensure the loc is set in its proper location. If your schedule allows, sit under a hood dryer for about an hour or so, or the time your new growth needs to properly fix and dry. As soon as the new growth and the locs are dry you can take down the metal clips. If your locs still feel damp set them under the dryer for a few minutes longer to secure that your locs are free of moisture.


Who knows, Dr Locs Imani Locking Spray could be unlocking the channel for all those future goodies to come your way?! After All, we did say it was handmade with love.