As natural as stress may be, it is most definitely not a friendly feeling. Back in our prehistoric days human nature relied on stress to get oneself out of a threatening and potentially dangerous situation. The body quickly switched to that ‘fight or flight mode’ in order to create a certain awareness to potential danger. Presently, stress has adapted its role into modern society and too often arrives, unexpectedly, as an uninvited visitor. Unfortunately, what used to be a useful reaction for human survival has evolved into a leading cause and culprit for dry hair, brittle locs, dandruff, acne, undesirable weight gain, mood swings, and plenty more. 

What's going on beneath the surface?

Lets discover what’s going on beneath your skin to understand how that affects what's happening on and over your skin and locs. When your body switches to that stress gear it releases an intricate mixture of chemicals and hormones such as:

  • Adrenaline
  • CortisoL
  • Norepinephrine

Ever notice during stressful moments your heart rates jumps, your breathing quickens, and maybe you even begin to sweat a little? Well, these hormones that have just been released are meant to pump energy through the body in order to quickly fight and defend, or run, run, run! 

In situations where there is no imminent danger but the body goes into stress mode, blood flows towards certain muscles and away from certain parts of the brain. This is why when someone is highly stressed during a work or home situation, it is difficult for them to think clearly. The body is also in a state of ‘fight,’ which may cause wanton aggression and have negative consequences on relationships. 

But what about the Love? If we become aware of our body’s warning signs, we can more readily take a step back, cool ourselves down and then calmly step back into a pressing situation, and deal with things the way we actually would like to. 

How Skin and Hair May Be In Danger


Breaking the Balance- When stress is an ongoing, ever present feeling in someone’s daily lifestyle, it typically causes disrupted sleep patterns. Interrupted sleep coupled with stress hormones alter the natural balance of the body. Your skin and locs lose out on the nutrients they need to look and feel healthy. 

Oxygen Traveling Elsewhere- Remember we spoke about fast breathing earlier? Recurring states of stress order the blood and oxygen that the skin and hair need toward the muscles instead for that ‘fight or flight’ response. This concentration of blood and oxygen deprives the skin and hair follicles from absorbing essential nutrients, which often leaves locs looking dull and brittle. 
More Stress More Oil-  High levels of Cortisol in the body cause higher levels of oil on the body. Increased oil production often leads to developing acne. Unfortunately there’s more to it than that. Studies have shown that stress has an adverse effect on the barrier function of the skin leading to water loss. The skin then has trouble repairing itself after injury. 

Hair Loss- Hair can go into a telogen phase from highly stressful circumstances. Telogen effluvium (hair loss) is a common symptom that occurs after highly stressful situations. It can take up to 9 months for the lost hair to grow back, not so cool.  

Dehydrated- Just like we need to drink water after we exercise, we need to drink water after highly stressful circumstances. Realistically, most of us try to find our nearest coffee supply rather than our nearest water supply. Some of us indulge in the sweets to calm our peaks. These distorted habits cause further dehydration AKA drier hair and skin.


Some Helpful Stress-free Solutions:

Exercise- Getting into healthy routine habits helps maintain and eliminate stress responses. Exercise also releases endorphins in the brain (a happy hormone) which can reduce stress. 

Deep Breathing- Breathing will not only send more oxygen to your brain and body, but it will also help you come back into the moment. Sometimes, during highly stressful situations we tend to lose our footing. Breathing can calm you down and give you the proper perspective to evaluate a situation. 

Drink Water- drinking lots of water is good for your digestion, your skin and your locs. Water is a very meditative symbol and can help you calm down when you are in a state of stress and will nourish you all the more.  

Music- music can sooth your mood and bring your heart and mind to peace. Music or other highly sensory experiences can bring you back into your body and offer you the tools to cooly deal with what used to be a stressful event. 

Now go for it, stress less! We believe in you. 

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