We know that naive rumor about not washing locs is simply false and definitely dangerous for the life of your locs. The rumor must have been seeded from the fact that locs don’t need to be washed as frequently as loose hair. And as many of you may know, washing your locs too often can lead to unraveling locs and other problems, but not washing your locs enough will lead to irreversible damage.


Washing Your Locs Too Soon

Washing your locs too early often causes dry and itchy scalp. A dry and itchy scalp will add flakes to your scalp and locs. If you wash your locs too often you aren’t giving your scalp its natural pace to reinfuse sebum into your scalp and roots. Washing the early sebum phase away will lead to a dry, undernourished scalp. If your routine and habits call for more washing, try a precleanse that will help remove excess oils and dirt.

Not Washing Enough

Not washing your locs enough can lead to build-up within the locs. Not only will you have a potentially high amount of build-up and debris trapped inside of your locs, but you can also develop fungus and dandruff around your scalp and roots. Many new to locs are afraid that washing their locs too often will lead to unraveling. While it is true that locs need time to develop, and use the oil from your scalp to loc, if you go too long without washing you may find that you are twisting dirt, dandruff, and excess oil into your newly twisted locs. Not washing locs for a very long time won’t help you achieve long, strong and healthy smooth looking locs.

Seasonal Shifts and Loc Care

You may notice, as the seasons shift, so will your washing routine. In the winter you may notice your skin and scalp more dry than in the summer. If this is the case, then you probably can spare a few more days without shampooing your locs. In the summer, when we tend to be more active, working up a deep sweat, we may find that we need to wash our locs more frequently. Try to go at least 7 days without a shampoo rinse, and then enjoy the deep cleansing tingle.

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