There are several ways to start locs. I like to summarize them into three ways.



Hair can be gathered together individually in coils with a tiny comb; this is why it’s sometimes called comb coils or comb twists. The hair is sectioned based upon how small, medium, or large the person wants the locs to be. 

The twists should not be washed for a few weeks. When finally washing, the hair should be lightly washed so not to disturb the locking process. Make sure most of the focus is on the scalp as a pose to the hair. After shampooing, the locs may come undone. However the tips of each loc should be bundled together slightly. Use each bundle as a guide to retwist the locs. After twisting, use a metal hair clip or two to keep the locs in position. After twisting, sit under a dryer until dry. Apply the Dr. Locs’ Yaya oil as needed.


Hair can be gathered individually by way of interlocking the hair which may seem like a croqueting technique. This technique keeps the hair gathered together better than twisting. After getting interlocking, you may wash the hair and it should not come undone. It is recommended to keep them in for a few weeks before doing so however. When washing the hair, the locs should still be gathered together. When grooming, you may twist or interlock the new growth. Moreover, if you start with interlocking you do not necessarily do not have to continue grooming via interlocking.

Loc Extensions:

Hair can also be locked via loc extensions. Loc extensions give the elusion that the hair is locked right away. However, the hair still has to go through the maturity phase. Just with any technique to start locs, there is a time period in which the hair has to sit in place to matte. Well with loc extension you must do the same. Some perks of loc extensions are:

    a) You can put them in a ponytail or an uncomplex style

    b) They won’t come undone as with twisting

It is highly not recommended to put them in curly styles or color them for the first year. This may cause the loc to come undone before it mattes. Although there are several techniques to create loc extensions, the commonality is there needs to be time set to allow the locs to mature and bind together.