No doubt when you run out to buy your first bottles of essential oils the excitement is high. You finally decided it's time to go the natural route, and one of the most obvious ways is to dump all of your old toxic pharmaceutical products, where the active ingredients to clean your floor and your face are frighteningly the same name, and replace them with safe and nourishing alternatives.

So, you dump these unholy ingredients and buy the essential and carrier oils you’ve heard about, read about, and smelled about. But now you’re like “ do I use these new (sometimes pricey) treats?” Well, no sweat, here is a friendly guide on how to combine, mix, and treat your home, body, and soul (sounds good doesn't it?).

First thing to know and note, when it comes to essential oils, you only want to use 4-7 drops in most of your concoctions, because they are generally really powerful, and none of our sleepless, dryness, or itchy symptoms demand any more than a few drops, unless of course you’re brewing a recipe that will last you the next few months.


Carrier Oils (Base Oils)

Having said thus, when it comes to beauty treatments, air fresheners, treating anxiety, sleeplessness, and other uninvited visitors that sneak their way into our lives, you should be using a carrier oil for your essential oil(s) to swim in.

Often, pure essential oils are too harsh for the skin and locs, so we mix them with a vegetable oil (which also makes it all the more cost efficient). You want your essential oil to make up only a 1% presence in your holy and healthy mixture. The best proportions are 30ml of your base oil of choice, and 3-6 drops of your essential oil(s) of choice.


When curating a hair treatment here are the best Base oil options that will promote healthy loc life:



The base oils mentioned above are extraordinarily close to your natural hair sebum and can stand on their own to repair your loose and loc’d hair, but they are essentially odorless, which makes them less fun. They work well in treating dandruff and dry scalp, but each oil has its own unique strength factor that will only add to your list of benefits. Your best option is experimenting with these base oils and figuring out which works best with your scalp, locs and wallet.


Some of these base oils are too heavy for specific hair textures, while others might suite your roots and scalp much more effectively. That is between you and your locs to discern. You can incorporate these oils into your hot oil treatment routine, or keep it cool and massage, oil, and rinse, as your heart and watch desire.


Some great essential oils to add to your beauty collection are:



Some Recipes include (but are not limited to):


  1. Add 3-5 drops of Rosemary oil to warm Olive oil and gently massage directly onto scalp which will stimulate hair growth and prevent/detane gray hair. Rosemary oil is dangerous for pregnant women, so keep your hands off if you are expecting, or expecting to expect.

  2. Dilute 3-4 drops of peppermint oil with one cup water and apply directly to scalp to reinvigorate hair follicles and growth.

  3. Add 6-8 drops of your desired essential oil to one cup of any of your prefered base oils cover and store in a glass jar and apply to your roots and locs according to your own hair treatment routine.

  4. If you want to fight off dandruff try 4 drops of Tea tree oil, Rosemary oil, Lavender, and cedarwood to one ounce of your base oil of choice. Massage into scalp, let sit for 30 minutes with a hot (lint free!) towel and wash out with your natural loc shampoo.


If it’s too painful to dry your house of any of the listed base oils, try using filtered water with 6 drops of any one or two of the essential oils listed above. Sometimes we forget the obvious, and overlook the benefits or the water that comes straight out of our sinks (through the filter of course). Then again, this month you can also save on your witches brew routine and treat yourself to Dr. Locs Yaya Oil which has already been intelligently curated to boost your locs with health, wealth and a whole lotta love.