Loc build up is a thing, a really unpleasant business. It can be a genuine challenge to find the right products to treat your locs well, particularly if you’re new to the natural hair movement. There are many roots for buildup from, moisture, debris, wax, and of course the wrong styling products.  The object here is how to filter out the junk to avoid the gunk (nice rhyme, no?). 

It’s critical to accurately remove buildup from your locs and to do it right. There is no better way to start than straightaway.  



Mark Your Holiday Shopping List

With all these Christmas songs playing on every single station, in every single shop, it’s impossible not to think about the approaching holidays. Naturally, thoughts on how to show up to a family gathering with a bang, or a boom (feel free to insert your own onomatopoeia) is dancing through everyone’s minds. What’s really essential is the effect on your audience, right? Lets commence with the locs this time. 

What Better Direction to Move Than Loc-Top to Toe-Bottom? 

We want those locs to look suave. So, where to begin? There are those, not to be named for the sake of avoiding slander, products that more often damage your locs than nourish them. The majority of unnatural hair products focus more on lasting pungent fragrances rather than, a carefully considered loc treatment. 

Often these waxy products lead to unwelcome buildup and gunk. It’s important to trust the products you buy, after all it is your body. Dr. Locs takes the time to faithfully devise the proper treatment of your beauty and your body. We care and so should you!   

So, How To Give?

On Friday, ‘Black Friday,’ Ebony provided a valuable #BuyBlack list for Black Friday list to encourage ways of giving back to the community. Logically, Dr. Locs was listed in their beauty and body section. 

Dr. Locs aims at offering the aroma and the therapy to keep your locs healthy and of course, looking great. For instance, our build-up free Yasin Shampoo delicately washes your locs and scalp with fresh and natural scents. The intention is to naturally remove buildup and replace it with crisp and organic attention. Now, lets get rolling!