Many women, and some men, are hesitant to go for locs because they think they will have to shave off their hair if they decide the look is no longer for them. The good news is that there are other options besides cutting off your locs and starting over.

Combing out locs takes a lot of time and care, but it may be worth it if you want to preserve some length and not have to start growing your hair from the roots down. Combing out your locs can be spread out over a few weeks, or you can commit a weekend to the workout and get it all done in one shot, that’s up to your patients and time schedule. 

Firstly, you will need to wash and deeply condition your locs. After the locs have been properly washed and moisturized, you can section off your hair and begin to unravel the locs from the bottom up with the long pointed end of a rag-tail comb, or any other tool you have that will carefully unravel your loc. A good idea is to deeply massage a leave in conditioner into your locs to make the whole process much easier. Keeping a water supply close by is also wise, in order to keep your locs moist, this makes the process much easier, and will reduce shedding.

Once you finish unraveling your first section you can then brush out your loose hair with a soft bristled hair brush. Like we mentioned earlier, you can either try to tackle your entire head, or you can section off your hair in a way that you can still style it over the next week or two. You may have thought to start from the bottom layers, but it may be a better idea to begin in the center to continue wearing your hair into a ponytail. This allows the middle portion to not be visually shown.

When you’ve finished brushing off a section it is very likely that you will shed a lot and will want to take care of the unraveled hair. Further nourishing your loose hair with a natural leave-in conditioner works, or choosing oils that are good for your hair type and texture is very important if you want your hair to look and feel healthy.

As soon as you’ve successfully unraveled all of your locs you can then trim your hair to get rid of the dead ends, or cut the length which looks unhealthy. The good news is, the natural shampoos and conditioners you’ve been using for your locs will still be great for your loose hair since they are made with natural ingredients meant to hydrate hair.